The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (commonly referred to as Coachella or the Coachella Festival) is one of the most profitable and famous music and arts festivals in the USA, yet is has not always been like this. It takes place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, located in in the Colorado Desert. At its start is was known just by a few music lovers as it was located in the middle of the desert. It consist of not only many genres of music: rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music, but also it includes art installations and sculptures.


It started as a claim. In 1993 some musicians were unhappy with the high prices that their fans had to pay for going to their concerts, this was due to Ticketmaster, which didn’t stop rising prices. The fist musicians to react were the group Pearl Jam who were the father of the Coachella initiative as they perform the first concert at the Empire Polo Club, which was not under the control of Ticketmaster. They proved that even though this place was in the middle of the desert it could work. So in 1999 the first Coachella Festival took place. It was a two-day concert. Furthermore, the profitability and success of this event can not be refuse as it started being a two-day alternative concert and currently it’s a music phenomenon which consist in a three-day consecutive weekends in April. However, it has just one huge problem, as the concert takes place in the middle of the desert there is a lack of hotels or they are really far away from the concert, therefore they found a great solution, they make campground around the festivals which provides with a place to stay as well as letting the people feels the Coachella experience, which from now on it more than going to a show, it is being part of the show as they are living there for 3 days.


There are a great amount of people who prefer the first weekend as it is the innovative one. But that first weekend is the one in which all the paparazzi is there and the celebrities just stay in the Vip area. However, the second and the third weekends people just have fun and the celebrities goes out of the Vip area. As the shows of each weekend are a secret and you don’t know what would happen, from my point of view the best weekend is the second one. But in any of them you would probably have the time of your life and have a weekend you would never forget.


It is huge. They change the topics each year and the ferris wheel as well. The scenarios are always located in the same place and even though in the map it seems that they are so close to each other actually when you are in one of them if its imposible to hear or see another one.



At its beginning the people who use to attend to the festival was loyal fans of music,they bought the tickets without even know or being worried about the line-ups, they just wanted to feel the magic experience of this alternative music. Nonetheless, at the moment Coachella is the festival with more celebrities in the USA, therefore it has change its gender of music, it is commercial music now, because now people focus more on the tendencies that the celebrities and rich people wear and the music is now an accessorize, the festival is now a cat walk. Due to this the brands pay thousands of dollars to the celebrities to wear their clothes, they use Coachella as a way of commercializing their products. All in all, the spirit of the original Coachella is lost, it started being a a claim for cheaper tickets, and now this tickets are super expensive, so it started to ve an exclusive event which target gropu is rich and powerful people.

In addition, years ago the artist were special as for example the groups who perform in Coachella were groups that have been years without performing, for example in 2004 Pixies perform. Nowadays the artist that perform are not special, they are performing everyday in normal concerts. So that magic and speciality of Coachella has disappear.


This is a picture of Alessandra Ambrossio (VS Angel) with her friends.



In Coachella the celebrities, tendency hunters, fashion bloggers and brands thugh the celebrities they try to show the tendencies. And it works, because after Coachella people start wearing those clothes or tendencies in their current lifes.

There are some brand that launch special colections for this festival. But some of the originality has been lost because the 90% of the girls who attend the event wear jeans shorts.

In addition in the Vip area the brands give to the girls purses full of clothes, phone cases, perfumes, necklaces, special bottles of water… all for making them promote their brands.


VIP area


Bloggers promoting brands and clothes for Coachella


To promote Coachella a very cheap, easy and usefull way the use is using as many social media channels as they can:



they use potos that shows the magic and the uniqueness of the festival. They try to upload pictures which represents this poweful spirit which would provoke a response in the viewers, this people will want to attend the festival-

they also allow people in FB to tag themselves in the pictures, with the aim of spread the Word as much as posible.




It provides the user with all the news about the event as well as all the information about the shows and events taking place and the hour they would be perform. It allows the user to créate their own festival Schedule for the weekend.




The festival have 2 official hashtag: #coachella and #coachellalife. Throuhg them everyone can see what people is doing or have done in the festival and the people’s opinión about the event. They are usually trending tiopic, so even people who at first are not interesting in knowing anything about the event will see the pictures or read some commets, just for curiosity, as normally everyone see the trending topics in every social media.



Through the movile app pepple can share their coachella’s potos by creating digital postcards. Then they can publice those postcards in FB and Twitter or sending them by mail. Those postcards are public so everyone can see them and comment them. It is a very useful way of promotion  for coachella as it does not imply any cost or efford for the festival.




Coachella have their own on-site fórum and chat room, in which people who are going to attend for it first time to the festival can  make all the questions they have. Those questions are normally response by Coachella-goers.

But it is also a place where the people that have atended to the destival can share their experiences or keep in touch after the event take place. This conversations can also continue in the movile app where people can have private conversations or private group chats and have an option of find other users during the festival.

As coachella hosted the fórum and the chat rooms they use them as a way of having a greater feedback and knowing the advice and suggestions that the ussers may want for next year.



Though the url  the Coachella group know what people see in the internet about the festival, what they visit more, how many times they visit each site, when …



They start promoting coachella in june, a year before it takes place and just a month after the coachella ofthat year end. For example in june 2015 they start promoting coachella 2016. Then between june and december 2015 coachella start to spread rumors about the posible shows and line ups and provide all the info about the past festival ( attendance, celebrities outfits and what they do, pisctires, videos…)

In january 2016 they tell the oficial line up and they start the oficial ticket sale. But they always keep some secrets abouts the festival shows, line ups and themes.

The last week before coachella start they try to crate a FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out), in this time the tickets are sold out. They do that trough a lot of pictures and videos that make their target audience feel the “coachella experience”. They also do parties hosted by celebrities or offer the “Blade Helicopter” to go to the festival. Telling which celebrities will attend the destival is also a really good way to increase the fomo as there are a lot of fans that would go to be with them or near them.

Thety also have partnerships with brands such as H&M, Tag Heuer or Pandora.

All these marketing strategies are really successful. This year Coachella expect to have 85.000 attendances per day while last year the attendance perday was 70.000.  in addition in 2016 just their FB followers increase by 250.000




There are a lot of marketers that look for Young, hip and large audience at Coachella.

To sell and promote their products the brands have tends in the festival with really valued air conditioning, wifi, pone-charging stations and refill wáter bottles. It is a way of making people have a desire to go into the tends. Once inside they would pobably buy their products. The brands also have a Coachella special clothing line.

Some examples of this are:

-pandora tend: they have a photo-taking mirror

-perserve sunglases tend: they have a roulette Wheel tho win a free shades.

-Levi’s sponsored big partiies with DJs and celebrities

-Jagermaister sponsored the best parties with cocktails and food from Chris Santos.



I am either a big fan of any artist nor I am gray for one type of music. I love music, to enjoy it with friends, to sing it, to dance it, music for partying, music for relaxing, music for all types of situations. This music is the commercial music that is performed in the radio, in the clubs, music that the majority of people hear. Therefore, I would love to go to the Coachella Music Festival, not only for the music but also to see how the place is, the people, the attitude of the place, the clothes…. THE EXPERIENCE OF BEING SUCH AN AMAZING AND RANDOM FESTIVAL!! I think that it would be an experience that nobody would never forget, even if they like it or not, it is going to be so special as something to see once in life. I now that sooner or later I would go, I do not know when, I do not know how, I do not know with whom, but I will be there.

Think about it and maybe someday we met up at the Coachella Festival !






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