Victoria’s Secret is an American company founded in 1977.

It is specialized in women’s intimate apparel, it is composed of a wide variety of products: lingerie, swimming and sports clothes as well as beauty products, such as, fragrances and cosmetics. The company consist of two brands: Victoria’s Secret and VS PINK.

The former is targeted to middle-aged women, it is focused on making its customers feel SEXY, SOPHISTICATED and FOREVER YOUNG.

The latter is oriented to college girls and campus life. The brand wants to provide them with YOUNG SPIRIT, HUMOR, OPTIMISM and SELF-CONFIDENCE.




The main marketing strategy that the company uses is the digital marketing. The brand is constantly uploading videos and pictures of the model wearing the newest products, therefore the campaigns are really active. The two main social media used are Facebook and Instagram, the company has millions of followers in each account which are interested in what it posts, because, some of them consciously, some of them not, they have the desire of being like the VS models.

For this reason, the brand take care in studying which are the most popular and liked models each season to select which one are going to be part of the VS adverts and fashion show. This research is really detailed, therefore the models are carefully and intelligently chosen. They main idea for this particular selection is attract both men and women.

Moreover, nowadays the brand is much bigger than the product thanks to the creation of the “VS Angels”, who are the models who represent the identity of the brand, they are its “face”, the “face” of the company and of the VS world. The official VS angels are:



Apart from these official angels there are much more that, as I have said before, are the most popular models of each season.

In addition, Victoria’s Secret is trying to sell a lifestyle and not an underwear. The feeling that it wants to create in its customers is making them believe that by wearing its products they will look stunning, angelical and perfect as the VS angels.


One of the main success of VS is its annual VS Fashion Show.  This shows are spectacular, each year the brand preforms the show in a different important capital such as Paris, New York, London… The models wear spectacular costumes apart from the lingerie, it is an outstanding show. All the girls I know, even if they buy VS’s products or not, they not only like and want to see the show but they also follow the process till the show is performed in the social medias, either in the official VS accounts or in the models private accounts, because all of them are constantly uploading pictures, before and after the show, as they feel lucky of being part of this world-famous event. For instance, in my personal case, every year I watch the show with my friends, it a tradition that we have, we love it.



In these shows the brand invests millions of dollars; for example, in 2011 it spent about $12 million, yet it is not a huge cost for the brand as each year, after the show the brands profits due to sales is much higher than these costs. In addition, another two things that makes the show special is the “Fantasy bra”, its a unique bra created specificity for each show, is the most expensive bra of the world. This year the bra has had a cost of $3 million. Furthermore, the show has life music which is perform by really famous musicians as Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift… who also interact with the models


Two of the Fantasy bra.



However, Victoria’s Secret has be the author of many campaigns that even though they have been successful in selling the products have provoke a huge amount of ethical issues and extensive disagreements.



The “Perfect Body” Campaign

This campaign and the brand as a whole is really discriminative, the brand only celebrates one body type which is ‘virtually unattainable’. This has a negative impact in women who are not physically similar to the models, as they deal inadequate, ugly, or even to the ones that are more affected by this campaigns, bad with themselves and they loose their self-teem.



The complains are made in the VS social medias, they criticize this “perfect body” concept, for example the models visible ribs showing. Nevertheless, thanks to this unhealthy message campaigns the brand is having an impact in almost everyone, therefore people is going to talk about its campaigns, which, from my point of view, is beneficial for the brand at it is creating a brand awareness. This is really harmful on the young women who may have some struggles with themselves.


I really like two campaigns which have been created as a response to the VS “perfect body” campaign.

“Dear Kate”, an underwear brand creates their own “perfect body” advertisement. This campaign shows women of all different sizes, which demonstrate that each of them is perfect, no matter their size or the color of their skin.



Dove “Real Beauty Campaign” which message is compesed of the following values:

  • Love your body, no matter how it is.
  • Joy is the best make-up
  • Be your beautiful self
  • Everybody is beautiful





These are my favorite responses, but there are many. I am happy to say that this campaigns were successful enough to make VS change the slogan of the campaign to “a body for ever body”, even though they keep the same images.



Photo Editing / Airbrushing

 The models are really beautiful and have amazing bodies BUT THEY ARE NOT PERFECR. The company uses Photoshop in almost every advertisement to create the angels the models are.

This picture is posted in the VS official Facebook page. Do you know which one is the original??



You have probably said the one at the left, and yes, you are completely right.

See how nobody is perfect and even this “angels” need some help to be as spectacular as we think they are: the buttocks of the model have been edited and airbrushed to look smaller and smoother.

All these modifications have resulted in oddly proportioned bodies, missing limbs and much more disappearing rears in the VS advertisements.





 Pink has been really criticized by parents given that they think that its campaigns are not age appropriate as they are sexualizing young girls.







From my point of view, I think that VS does not really care about the ethical issues, they are just focused in growing, therefore as it is successful because of the desire that it provokes it is not going to change its marketing, because they are selling that specific unhealthy but perfect body image, which is their identity.


They are so powerful and they know that they are not going to loose their followers, that is the reason why  they worried about the critizisim, they like it because it provides the brand with free advertisement as they are even more present at the social media and their campaigns are more spread over the internet.






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