Taylor Swift is a well-known pop star. She is always making people talk about her, which is due to the suspense that she always creates around all her upcoming music video.

She had a new album, 1989, in which she had already launched three singles which had been really successful, “Style,” “Blank Space,” and “Shake It Off.”, but then she used a marvelous marketing strategy to promote the fourth one, “Bad Blood”, a music video which was even famous before it was launched. In this post I am going to talk about this last music video campaign.

Swift has always been seen as a good girl, singing sweet songs which talks about love stories…However, she had become bored about that image, so she launched a new music video, “Bad Blood” that showed her “dark side”. What the artist was trying to do with it was rebranding herself, making people think about her not as a young good girl, but as a powerful woman.

Taylor is present and really popular in the social networks, she has 60 million followers in Twitter and even more in Facebook, where the artist amounts to 71 million followers. She knew that this would be really useful for her marketing strategy so she used it in her favor. She started posting pictures of the different music video characters and of the celebrities that will perform each role as Cara Delavigne, Jessica Alba, Gigi Hagid … The aim of this internet use was to make people be desiring to see the video, to make people have the suspense of who else is going to appear in it, what is it going to be about… And then, as a consequence, to make people talk about it. This method was completely successful given that even before the video was launched everyone was talking about it and knew about its existence. For instance, in just one week the teasers she posted were viewed by more that 489.000 people.

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So I am of the opinion that what Taylor Swift does is great, she has achieved to be always commented and to make people have the desire of seeing her new work.

The “Bad Blood” campaign was not easy, yet from my point of view it was really intelligent and artfully.

The aim of the artist was to create suspense so she posted her own picture of “Catastrophe”, her character, just 10 days before the video was launched, then during that week she kept posting pictures of another characters, people were so curious about who are going to be the celebrities performing each characters and what it was going to be their contribution in the video. Moreover, another interesting point is that they were not only celebrities, but they were also Taylors friend’s and some of them her best friends.

What Taylor perfectly knew was that her main audience and target group were young girls, therefore this campaign was mostly focused on them, she wanted to make them have the expectations of have a group of friends like hers or even to dream about becoming part of Taylor’s circle of friends.

What the artist also did perfect was that she was just not focused in the young celebrities, she also chose adults as Ellen Pompeo, Mariska Hargitay or even Cindy Crawford. With these three Taylor might be trying to attract older audience, but I am not sure about that.


What was also really beneficial for the artist is that it does not matter how old the celebrities were they were all that, celebrities, therefore they all have accounts with millions of followers. They also posted some pictures of the campaign, so even though if some people were not Taylor’s fans, they might be fans of the other celebrities and may see the video and talk about it just for seeing the others celebrities’ performance. In addition, as it is a music video full of celebrities even the press wrote down articles and talked about it, which made the campaign be even more spread. What Taylor did so well was reveling just the minimum information, just the perfect amount to make people be intrigued.

Taylor chose the perfect time to launch its video, it was at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, which is an event composed of the best musicians. Right after the event the CBS made the video available, and right after that the video was shared in every single social network.

As it was expected the video provoke a lot of reactions, some of them were positive and others were negative as people have different tastes and opinions.


There were some people who thought that the special effects were awful:



A lot of magazines and official accounts also talked about the video and shared it




As all the characters in the video are “feminist heroes”, a lot of women embrace it.



Other people think that the video was so bad, that it did not have a good argument or even an argument:



Others felt disappointed with the music as they think that the song was too bad, because people who really likes music are obviously more interested in good music than in the video, which for them is just an accessorize.





What I think that has made the video so powerful is that it does not matter if you have liked or not, before it was launched you had the desire of seeing it as it was a mystery.

For example, the tweets against the video that are shown in the pictures that I have uploaded perfectly demonstrate it, even though these people do not have a good opinion about the video they have one opinion and they are sharing that opinion, they are talking about the video and they are making others be intrigued about it and watch it. Therefore, every single viewer counts, every single comment counts, every time someone is sharing, commenting or just watching the video it is a success for Taylor Swift. I am not a big fan of Taylor Swift, but I have watched this video as I had (as million people did) the curiosity of seeing which celebrities took part in the video, how they were going to perform their role…

You have probably seeing it, but if you did not watch it, is so easy, I have make it available in this post for you. Once you watch it, you would understand me, you are going to see how it does not matter if you like the song or not you are going to be interested in the celebrities.

I think that my point of view is so clear, I think that the success and uniqueness of this video comes from the performance of the roles by celebrities. What do you think about it? Would you do it if you were Taylor Swift?

I am obviously not famous and I do not have famous friends, but I have learned a lot of this campaign. I have learned how it is important to make people be intrigued, to make people have the desire of seeing your campaign, to give people just a basic information to start thinking and imaging how your product is going to be, but never letting them know too much, because you have always need to keep the mystery until the end, that is the only way to make people love what you are doing, from my point of view, it is “magical” part of your campaign, and that for me is the most important thing.









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