The use of guns in the USA has been always at the cutting edge, there are some people who are in favor and there are other who are completely against it. This video has the aim of raising a civil awareness to show the dangerous of them.

The ONG in charge of the video has the name of the primary school where on 14 December, 2012 one of this type of massacre took place.

What the ONG, which is composed of the parents of the students who died, wants is to stop the murders and the suicides caused by guns.

As you can clearly notice, the ONG Sandy Hook Promise is completely against the guns and it has done this video which has an unexpected end: anyone would have ever thought that the cute story would have had that horrible end. If you have followed my instructions and have watched the video before reading this, you are understanding what I am saying. This video is kind of creepy, but it is trying to make people think. If the video would have consisted in just the last part, you would have watched it and then you would have felt bad but you would have forgot about the video and its story right after. Nevertheless, in this video you first get hooked with the love story, you want to know how it ends, you want to know if they are going to end up together or not, you want to know who are the girl, if she would like the boy or not… And then the end impacts you, it is something that you did not expect, it is something that makes you feel strange and bad, that makes you keep thinking about it, to talk about it, to share it, you make others to watch it.

In less than a week since the video was available in the social networks almost 5 million people have watched it at YouTube, 2’5 million people at Facebook and 17.725 persons have had a reaction. Right now the social networks are full of comments and people are sharing their opinions.

The target group of this advertisement is everyone. It wants to make people conscious about what the guns imply, to make people understand that the danger is always present, but we are really busy or we do not really care, we prefer to think in other things and not about it. However, the truth is that since someone with a gun appears, anyone can stop that person and anyone is safe. But, even though the video is for everyone, this ONG is trying to keep the attention of the parents who are the ones who want to protect their children the most.


I do not know if this project is going to be successful and achieve its objectives or not, but at least now people is more conscious and more worried about the use of guns and maybe, if all the organizations against guns keep doing this type of advertisements, at the end the impact might be so powerful that the governments must do something with this huge problem, a very useful solution would be changing the law and not letting everyone have a gun. I hope this happens, because a person with a gun is so dangerous if he does not use it in the proper way, and no one has the right to kill anyone.


At the end of the video you can read this two sentences, which are so true:

“Gun violence is preventable when you know the signs”

 “Prevent gun violence before it starts”









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