What is Guerrilla Marketing? It is an unconventional low-cost type of marketing which uses advertisements that will have a great impact in the viewrs as it is going to surprise them.

Mini has been using this type of advertisement since longe time ago, it has a really positive impact as it develops more brand awareness and improves Mini’s positioning.

At first, I was just looking for guerrilla marketing advertisements of any brand or any type, but then I found a wonderful page were they exposed 9 types of guerrilla marketing advertisement that mini have used. I have found them really funny and interesting, therefore I decided to share them with you!

I guess that you all know MINI, a luxury iconic British car which was first develop to be a car for easy parking. However, right now the users are basically young people between 20 and 30 years old who like its design and, at the same time, feel safe while driving it.

Once I have present this special post, lets get started with the advertisements!



During 2003 the Brand put a real mini into a giant matchbox. We all have had those little toy cars. Mini was trying to remind us our childhood in a really special way, you do not expect find this in the street. As the car is target to young people they are pretending to be “big toys” for big boys. It is showing us that even though we have grown up we can keep having fun and keep having our “toys” that is why the slogan of this advertisement was “It’s always more fun in a MINI.”

I have not had the privilege of seen this, but I am sure that if I had I would have probably had the desire of open the matchbox with a lot of illusion, as if i were a little girl, and I would have wanted to get into the car to “play” with my new big “toy”.



During 2011, Mini gets associated with the rock and roll music band Kiss. They have customized the Mini Coopers making them be like the painted faces of the singers. Imagine that you are a Kiss fan, and then you see your idol represented in a car, you would obviously have the desire of having it, that car would have a greater value for you than a normal one. Even people who are not Kiss fans would recognize what the car represents and would be amazed about it. You do not see everyday a car which imitates, just by how it is painted, the face of a famous person. If you see it in the street you would probably spend a few minutes looking at it, trying to understand how it is made, how the car is. From my point of view if I see a normal car promoted in the street I would not pay any attention to it, but I am sure that if I see a car with this type of customization I would even make a queue to see it.



Imagine that is Christmas and you go out to the street and you found a huge empty package. In this package there was a Mini before, someone has give it to other person as a Christmas present, you would obviously, even though you know it is not possible, start dreaming about your parents, boyfriend, husband, wife… suddenly appearing at Christmas with this big present. You then imagine yourself opening it. It would be the best present of the history right?

Would you ask for one like this next year? You know its impossible, but this advertisement makes you have the desire of asking for one like this.



This Mini advertisement seem to be as a normal one, but went you look at the picture carefully you realize how it is placed between two curve palm trees. What the brand is trying to do is to create an illusion, as if the car is so powerful and fast that it makes the trees fall down. Imagine that you are driving during a long journey and you see this, at least it would make you smile.



It is a really busy day, there is traffic jam and you are bored, you look around and the building that is normally grey and ugly is not like that anymore, it it a Mini Vending machine! You are impressed, and then you start thinking about which color you would choose. Maybe if you have not see this advertisement you would have never think about which color or how you would like your Mini to be, but now you have a clear idea, you have been thinking about it




You have never think about how large is the Mini Countryman compared with the regular Mini, do you? Probably not. But you are not a special case, almost anyone do it, therefore Mini has made this campaign to make people keep their attention in realizing how large it is. How they have done it? so easy, they have put a lizard tongue in the back of the car, a tongue which is catching a bird. It is weird, doesn’t it? but yes, know you have pay attention to Countryman size.




This Mini campaign has the aim of stop boredom. Yes, if you are in the street and suddenly see a Mini hanging in the wall of the building you would be pretty awesome, you would be all the day thinking about how they have reached to putt the car there without even notice it. Now you have an entertainment for the whole day




Halloween Mini Cooper advert states “We only come out at night.” As the main target group is Young people at Halloween they did this campaign pretending to be vampires. It is an amazing advertisement because it has nothing special is just a normal black Mini Cooper, but as it is Halloween and it is completely upside down, you find it funny. It is demonstrating how normal things can be great if you use them in the proper way.




The Mini is placed at a train station next to the entrance. What it was trying to show is how the Mini is really big inside, and not as little as people tend to think. I find it quite funny because people is note even realizing that the are being part of an advertisement. From my point of view, this is the greatest part because if the people who are involved in the advertisement do not even know it, it makes it even more real.













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