“Coca-Cola is one of the most persistent and well-loved brands in history. It is one of the longest surviving brands, and thus considered amongst the most successful companies ever.” (“Coca-Cola advertising through,” 2011)

In 2009 Coca-Cola launched the “Open Happiness” global campaign with the aim to share a message of positivity.

During 2013, a new advertisement of the same campaign was made, it was launched in January in Spain. It consists in security camera’s recordings of people from all around the world committing random acts of kindness. The aim of this project was showing how there is not only misery and suffer in the world, but also good people and happiness. It shows how the world is full of lovers, friendships… This was a message for everyone to think about the world as a happy and good place where love is always present, and make everyone have the illusion of this good world to make the dream of a better world possible. It also tries to persuade with the idea that if those acts of kindness are true and happens to random and common people in their daily basis and they can be happy and demonstrate love to others why the viewer can not do that. It is clearly a more successful way of persuading given that it is real people and not actors who are just following a role. It provides with HOPE

 The 2013 Security camera campaign was performed in Spain just after the new year’s eve clock struck. This moment was not randomly chosen; it was a great strategy as almost everyone is expecting to see which are going to be the first advertisement of the year. Coca-Cola spent a lot of money for being the first one, but the brand has its reward: it reaches 8.064.000 spectators and a 58.1% share. By being the first one Coca-Cola did not only achieve a great number of people watching it, but it also was remembered for a long period of time. Furthermore, the company also chose the New Year to present its new campaign as it is a moment when everyone is thinking about the new year expectations and have the desire of improving their life, therefore, as the message of the campaign is clear “make the world a better one and be as happy as you want” it is the perfect moment as it is perfectly suitable for the occasion.  Coca-Cola, with this advertisement does not choose a specific target group. Its aim is to reach the most population as possible, as everyone has the desire and the right to be happy. To achieve this objective, it creates loyal costumers though their campaigns which must be engaging, inspiring and involving to have an impact and be meaningful to everyone.

 The success of this advertisement is attributed to the way it is made: it is simple, short, effective and easy to understand. The information transmitted by the firm is primarily persuasive, intended to facilitate the sale of their products.

 Coca-Cola is also present in almost every social network. As it has this amazing and special campaigns is not difficult for the brand to be commented and shared by almost everyone. It always keeps the attention of the viewers. To have a quicker expansion with the security camera campaign Coca-Cola used the hashtag #possitiveness which was really successful.

Coca-Cola performs under one clear concept : “A brand’s job is to create meaning.” as Neil Bedwell, the Global Group Director of Digital Strategy & Content at the Coca-Cola Company said. As Coca-Cola was the first advertisement of the year and it encourages and provides us with fun and optimism, what they were trying to say is that so we should start the year buying and drinking it. With the multiple images shown of help and amusement, they encourage us to drink Coke to get the same positive feedback the actors that appear in the video have. They try to reach the consumer.


From my point of view, Coca-Cola has been really smart in launching this advertising, not only because of the message, but also because of the time using to launch it. They were able to produce an advertisement which attracted the public’s attention and at the same time promoted their brand and product. They chose good timing for releasing the commercial, which led the company to a big number of spectators and linked the timing of the release to the perfect time of the year, the New Year’s Eve. When I firs saw this advertisement I felt the happiness of seeing how the world is good, how people love each other, how the world is not as bad as we think and all of these, for me, is more than enough to think that a brand is great, because a brand which really wants to make people feel good and want people to smile while seeing their campaigns is a great brand.

I love the drink, but I am also happy to be loyal to a brand which have those great values.


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